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Lighting in Dusseldorf!


Heading to Dusseldorf for a week of lighting and pictures, working with Nikon Switzerland and Nikon Germany, and some wonderful photographers, whose work you see up in the banner. I’m very honored to be included with them, and to help celebrate the ongoing 100th birthday party of Nikon. Here is the link to the overall event  on Saturday September 23 and this link will bring you to news about the lecture.

I’ll be giving a lecture and doing live demos. All Speedlights, SB-5000, radio TTL. We’ll explore simple solutions, fast solutions and multi-light, more complicated stuff. It’ll be fun to be doing this right on the edge of the production model D850 cameras being released. I had a chance to play with one for a day or so in pre-release mode, and the camera’s a monster. It’s an amazing intersection of speed and resolution. Quick, one Speedlight solution below, from last week’s blog. Don’t have many D850 pix to show yet, ’cause I just had the camera for a day or so!

But happy to be going to Germany, one of our favorite places. There’s a tremendously creative and welcoming photo community in Europe, and Annie, Cali and I can’t wait to get back. All the best!

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